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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis...

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis! I had the best time spending the day with this wonderful couple. Mrs. Amber looked absolutely stunning and my camera LOVED her! Sam was such a gentleman and they were all so cooperative. They got married at the Providence Presbyterian Church and this was the first wedding in their new remodeled building. I must say that this church was so perfect for a wedding. It had so windows and lots of natural light for beautiful photos. After the wedding, we were all taken to the reception at the Ritz-Carrolton in downtown Dallas. Everything was so beautiful and the cake took your breath away. Amber had many French traditions at her reception which was fun and different. You can see a collage below of all the French traditions that were done. Her two brothers had these swords and they sliced the tops off of the champagne bottles. I must say that I was a little scared. All I saw was a sword that was sharp enough to chop my hand off and I new there was going to be glass flying. Anyway, it was really cool to watch! Last but not least....the DANCING was absolutely fantastic. Everyone was dancing the whole time and there was never a dull moment. It was such a great time! Thanks to Amber and Sam for allowing me to capture your special day...it was a pleasure! I hope you are having fun in FRANCE! :)


  1. Awesome!!!


  2. We absolutely love Amber and Sam!!!!! They're pretty much one of our favorite couples that we have worked with. Thank you so much for all the pretty pictures!!!! Amber is just stunning!!!

  3. Thanks Amy... they were so fun! I had a great time spending the day with them! Yes, Amber is absolutely beautiful. My camera LOVED her ;)


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