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Monday, January 3, 2011

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly...

Well, I guess it is back to work after a LONG and needed break. I love having my babies at home and getting to spend time with them...staying up late and sleeping in! I have to admit that it is one of my favorite things. :) When I started working on a few photoshoots I did over the holidays, I realized that I never posted Julie and Steven's wedding photos on the blog. I posted them on my Facebook, but never posted them here. Anyway, I apoligize. This was such a beautiful wedding. I love all the fall leaves and colors. Julie was such a beautiful bride. We had a great time and apparently I wanted everyone's name to be Kelly that day. I called Julie's sister "Sister Kelly" for about an hour before she finally told me that her name wasn't Kelly. OH MY GOSH...I was so embarrassed. I knew that I had two bridesmaids named Kelly and there was only ONE that I knew for sure. So...I ended up calling everyone Kelly that day. We all got a good laugh and I have to admit that I was quite embarrassed that I couldn't get the names down that day. Sorry ladies...once again....I apoligize. Julie and Steve, thanks for choosing me to capture your special day. It was an honor to get to share it with you guys! God Bless.

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