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Friday, February 26, 2010

Dallas Shoot...Part 2

Okay...here is part two of my trip to Dallas. The first photo below was my favorite of the weekend. I grabbed that flower from my sister's house right before I left for my photo shoots. When I saw the antique couch, I thought about the big red flower. At first we thought it was way too big, but I said leave it...it is too cute. It is definitely one of my favorite newborn shots. Little Layla was so adoreable and she was such a good baby. She was one week old in this photo. Misty and Ryan were so great and I really enjoyed their hospitality. Thanks guys! Hope you enjoy the photos of your little angel.


  1. Adorable pictures of a cute, precious grandaughter. Love, Grandma B

  2. Wonderful pictures, how could you miss with such an adorable subject!!!!

  3. Those pictures are precious and priceless. She is adorable. Michele

  4. She's beautiful! What great pictures!!!
    So happy for y'all!
    Love, Jamie & Jen

  5. There so beautiful they made me cry!
    Love you,
    Crystal, Timmy, and Hannah Walters

  6. She's so fair and beautiful, like a princess! Congrats! Shelly Perez

  7. She is absolutely beautiful! Congrats! The photos are fantastic also.

  8. Hey Misty,
    She is so beautiful....There's nothing greater in this world than being a parent (and a grandma)...the Lord blessed you with this little miracle...take good care of her...
    Tucson Medical Center