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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweet Treats...

Meet the Stonecipher family...a sweet family with some sweet treats. I went out to their house tonight and had a great time. We started out with little baby Liberty who didn't exactly want her picture taken. She did not like my camera at all. :( She was just adoreable and did not want to be anywhere but in Moma's arms. We finally caught a couple of smiles though towards the end. After Liberty told us we were done with her photos, I took the family photos. Jody and Romona wanted their family photo on the tractor and the colors turned out beautiful. Last of all were the cookies! Ramona wanted me to photograph her and the girls baking some cookies. It was so cute and fun. We had flour everywhere! It was worth the fun photos though. The girls were so cute and they even had matching aprons. Thanks Ramona for inviting me into your home...you have a beautiful home and family!


  1. Jamie these are my children and grandchildren and I HAVE to have these pictures. Please let me know how to get copies or send info with Caleb to work. Your work is awesome. I love them. Thank you so much for capturing my family with such love.


  2. These are beautiful--they are so representative of the love the Stoneciphers share with each other! These are my children and grandchildren too, and you did a wonderful job of portraying their day to day lives together as a family. Thank you for your excellent work (course you did have some excellent subjects to work with!!!)

    Nanny cheryl