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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Colors, Colors, Colors....

Meet Shanece & Dan...we photographed their wedding this past Saturday and woo wee....we had a good time. Everything was so fun and the reception was a blast. It was the first time I had been to a wedding where all the bridesmaids had different color dresses...and I loved it! All the pictures turned out so colorful and vibrant. We had a few problems with the ants when we were taking pictures before the wedding. I can't stand ANTS! They bit both of the little flower girls on their feet and they were not happy campers. I told the little ring bearer to watch my feet and let me know if there were ants crawling on them when I was taking the pictures. About 5 minutes later he yelled, "ants, ants, ants!" I started jumping around and stomping my feet and he said, "gotcha!" How cute is that? He was so cute and had the prettiest blue eyes. There is a black and white close-up of him below. There wasn't a dull moment and they kept me going. Shanece and Dan...thanks for letting me share in your special day with you and your family. Many blessings....

The couple below were dancing all over the dance floor...nothin was slowing them down. They were a so cute!
The photo below is the groom and his daughter dancing. She was dancing on his feet....how precious.

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