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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Country Living...

Meet the Lindemanns...a sweet, sweet family that was anxiously awaiting a family photo before their youngest son Luke gradautes. We had such a great time walking around in the brush out at their home in the open fields. All the fields were in full sun, so we waited till the golden sun was setting and capture some great shots. There was one little obstacle while shooting and they were so bad...MOSQUITOS! Ok...like seriously...isn't it too cold for those things right now.....go AWAY!!!!! Kathleen and I kept putting OFF on and they were still bitting us through our clothes. Anyway, that aside...we had a wonderful time. We took some family pictures first because Luke wasn't too excited about the "family" photos. Then I took some of just Bill and Kathleen. Kathleen said that they have been raising children for 27 years and although she is so sad that Luke is graduating, it is now time for her and Bill. They were so sweet together! On a different note, Kathleen was on the team that went to Africa this summer. She is a dear friend and I always enjoy time spent with her. Thanks Kathleen for trusting me with your memories! :)


  1. Jamie, I LOVE them and am excited to get my order placed! I knew you would do a fabulous shoot, like you always do.... thank you so much for your patience. It paid off! Guys....bah humbug huh? Actually they did pretty good considering it wasn't their cup of tea! Kathleen

  2. Those are BEAUTIFUL pics. Love all of them! Jamie, you are AWESOME!!!! Jacy Riggs

  3. Double WOW! Great shots! Kimbra