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Friday, August 6, 2010

Care and Share Ministry

After escaping Kampala this morning, we made our way to Jinga which is the second largest city in Uganda behind Kampala (at least that is everyone's best bet as they have not had a census here in years). Before talking about what we did today, I have to spend a second on Kampala. I don't care where you live or where you have lived, you have not been in traffic until you have driven in Kampala. For starters, there are no lights at any intersection and if there is a stop sign, no one pays attention to them. It is an organized game of chicken with everyone honking their horns...wow is all I can say. Once we got to Jinga we traveled to the small village of Lwana where the Care and Share ministry is located. This ministry is geared to support widows, single mothers and local children. Today, a number of the ladies in our group helped gather health screens on the ladies in the village who are part of the C and S group. The big project these ladies have going is their new baking program that has them producing rolls, loaves of bread (first loaf made today) and potentially donuts. The plan is for the ladies to begin selling their baked goods at the local markets within Jinga and beyond. There is currently one small brick oven the ladies are using to bake. However, we have brought funds (given by generous people in Archer County and FBC) that will allow for the construction of a second oven. It was exciting to see the energy these ladies had in learning this new trade. In the midst of this project, two other groups were focusing on sewing and jewelry making. You would be shocked at the number of stores and open markets that exist within these villages. These projects have the potential to provide a better life for these ladies, their children and their community. The idea of C and S and Robert (who is the Director), is to meet their physical needs while sharing the love of Jesus Christ in the process. So what did I do today? I did what I do best. I played with Thomas, Asaid, Medi, Jeewa, Ronnie and many other kids. it is absolutely heartbreaking to see kids that are no different than your own, have so little. One of the mothers today said she only drinks milk once per month as she can't afford the cost of 20 cents for the liter of milk. My mind just raced with what I could do to change her life along with the kids when one of our team members shared this story.. I know I can't change Africa, I can't change Uganda and I might not be able to change a village. However, I can do more tomorrow to impact people's lives than I did yesterday. I know I will probably continue to complain at some level when I return home, but I know it will be with hesitation and with less frequency. I am sure I will catch myself not cleaning my plate or over ordering at a restaurant when I get home, but it will not be absent of thinking of Thomas, Medi, Ronnie and the many mothers who lack so much. We are blessed beyond anything we realize. We should not feel guilt of that, but we should be motivated to use those blessings to impact others in our home town or in Africa. I have to do more...

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