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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kolby and Kolin's Turn...

I took Kolby and Kolin's photos last night and they are just too cute. I have been taking their photos since they were babies. They come every year for photos around this time and are the EASIEST kids to photograph. They are always so happy! Little Kolin is developing a little personality all his own and he did show me a little of that last night. He is so cute....I was trying not to laugh while he was getting in trouble. It is always so cute until it is YOUR kid and then it isn't so funny. He was getting upset because he didn't want big brother hugging on him!
On a different note....I took my own baby to the doctor yesterday and she has the flu. :( I didn't want to cancel my appointment because I am so booked I didn't have any openings to reschedule. My husband, Caleb had to coach basketball practice, so I had the kiddos and had to take pictures....hmmmmm what should I do? Caleb works so hard on our yard and I thought surely we can just take them in the yard. So we just stayed in the yard and they turned out great! Please Lord....keep me healthy so I can keep up with all these fall photos shoots!

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  1. These pictures of Kolby & Kolin are just so precious.

    Cindy B.