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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Super Summer Bargains...

My computer has been overloaded with pictures and it is time to clean house. I am offering all of my clients the opportunity to purchase a CD of their photo shoot for $200 until July 30, 2009. Normal prices for these CDs are $350 - $400, so this is quite the bargain. You all know that I love bargains, so take advantage of this offer. Just give me a call at 940.574.2713 or email me at deerinwater@sw.rr.com

*************************FREE PHOTO SESSION WITH CD****************************
Place your comment on this posting of your favorite shoot on my blog and why and on July 29th I will randomly pick a winner. Don't forget to put your name and phone number or email on your posting. You may also send me an email at deerinwater@sw.rr.com. If you get picked...you will win a photo shoot and CD of all your images from the photo shoot. Okay, now send me your input and spread the word to your all your friends.


  1. Let me be the first...do I have to pick just one? I'm not..I love Heather's wedding pictures...they are so Heather...the girls at Mama Moos...they just remind me of my girls at that age...all the ones with the mamas to be and their kids, they are just beautiful..I wish I would have done that...and the one of Poppy and Nanny...I just love them, what can I say! Plus...We haven't had a family picture since Auzlyn was about 6 months, and she is now 6...so have pity on me. But if I don't win, I'll be calling you anyways!!

    Melissa Jones

  2. My favorite is Presley's shoot. Her eyes just pop, she looks so beautiful, and the photos are simply staged.

    Carrie Hale

  3. ok so one of my favorite blogs was posted on April 26th, it was Cassie and Zach's wedding...these pictures are so awesome....all of the picturs look like they could come out of a bridal mag. flawless work jamie. you make it look so easy

    Lauren Wuthrich

  4. Curls, Curls, Curls is my favorite!!! I love the Hotel sign from downtown, that's what makes it my fav...

    Amber Black

  5. I love the recent shoot you did of Kacie. She is a magnificent model, but your skill as a photographer is amazing! I love the one with a reflection of AC in her sunglasses. Of course I will always love the ones you have done for me. Olivia's recent shoot was so precious. You know you're a great photographer when strangers see those pics of Olivia and it brings tears to THEIR eyes!

    Vicki Ostermann

  6. jamie your such an amazing photographer and im soooo very lucky to have you taking our pictures.
    i have to say my baby haegen's pics were my fav!! and i also love the bridal pics with the pink dress and yellow wall and well LOVED all the pics you have ever done of me...its nice to feel competely comfortable while shooting, which is how i feel each time you do my pictures. they are all just too cute!! you take the most awesome pictures and they always look natural!

  7. Is it wrong to pick our own pictures?! I absolutely love the pictures you took of us! They are incredible (as are all your pictures)! The way you captured the kids' personalities and eyes is just beautiful...

    Christy Johnson

  8. The pic of the toes in the grass from the Davis photo shoot was one of my favs. You taking amazing pictures.

    Jamie Anderle

  9. I like Heather's bridal portraits best. But I am very biased! I also like the maternity pictures with the little girls. Hits close to home! I also really like Avery's pictures.

    Jodi Alderete

  10. Jamie, you have such an amazing talent with that camera!! Your photos are so unique and that's what I love about you!! I love the shoot you did of Haegen.....you could just see his little personality coming thru the pictures!! Great job!!!

    Lexa lexablake@hotmail.com

  11. Jamie, you are amazing!! I really want to drive down and have you do Sam's one year pictures. I am love all of the pics....you are very talented!!!!


  12. Hi Jamie! My favorite is your June 23rd blog: Isaac & Heather's wedding. The tree stump, the tiled collage, the kiss in front of that white stone wall, and of course the bridal party walking down the middle of that oh-so-familiar highway with the big span of Archer City sky as a backdrop. GORGEOUS!

  13. Jamie, I found out about your from my cousin Mallory whose wedding you are doing in October. I love looking at your site and seeing all of your creativity. I love the post from April 11th titled I love you sister... Those pictures are amazing and I love the pink wall. You do a great job and I can't wait to see all the pictures from Mallory and Michael's wedding in October!
    Chrissy Temblador